Does My Ex Boyfriend Want Me Back? Signs to Know He's Still in Love With You

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Published: 20th December 2010
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Does my ex boyfriend want me back is a question most women ask themselves after going through a break up with the one man they are madly in love with. Its very unfortunate that not all relationships go the way we have planned and not long you will soon find yourself missing your boyfriend since you two have broken up. It's difficult to know what a man has in mind when the relationship is going on well. It is not possible to detect what's in his head and heart after you two have broken up. If you've been thinking if or not he may still love you there are a few signs to know he still loves you that are sure.

If your ex boyfriend is still in love with you even after the break up he'll be contacting you often. If a man is no longer in love with a woman he will want to stay far away from her and that signifies that he will forget her email address and phone number. If your ex boyfriend calls sometimes to know your whereabout and if he suggests meeting occasionally, simply as friends, for a lunch or coffee, he's definitely still in love with you.

Another sign that your ex boyfriend is still in loves with you is if he ask about your present dating status. If he does, take that as a huge clue that he is still very much interested in you. When a man is no longer interested in a woman he doesn't want to know who she's seeing and her feeling about him. Nevertheless, when a man is still in love with his ex girlfriend he wants to know everything about her dating status. You need to answer any questions he has about who you're seeing carefully, If you want him back. Don't resort to making him jealous by telling him you are seeing someone else. This can actually lead to the end of the relationship and leave your emotions rejected. Rather, be sincere and tell him that you are not dating anyone currently. That makes you open and available in case he wants to get back together too.

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