My Ex Boyfriend Won't Answer The Phone! What Should I Do?

Published: 04th April 2011
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Your ex boyfriend won't answer the phone. Each time you call him and he doesn't pick up, you get more frustrated and upset. You just want a chance to plead your case, right? You want to have the opportunity to tell him how much you adore him and need him. But how can you possibly do that when he won't even take your calls or call you back? It's a really challenging position to be in. Your emotions are taking over and are guiding you towards repeatedly calling him even though your common sense is telling you that it's useless. You really need to take a deep breath and learn what impact your current behavior is having on your chances of getting the man back. You may be sabotaging your future with him without even realizing it.

You can't ignore the fact that your ex boyfriend won't answer the phone. Pretending that he's just really busy or that he's too emotional to talk to you won't change the reality of the situation. The man doesn't want to talk to you and you have to face that. Regardless of how much you want to believe that he still loves you and longs for you, his behavior right now is suggesting otherwise. Each time you call him you're likely irritating him more and more. You must accept that his not answering your calls is a clear sign that he's not interested in talking with you right now.

There are several emotional stages that a person must face when they are going through a break up. You've already experienced some of them. Disbelief, anger, frustration, disappointment and desperation are all part of the mix. If you let those emotions run wild, you'll inevitably start making mistakes and will end up doing things that your boyfriend will find unappealing and it will cause him to pull back from you forever. That's why you need to take control of yourself and learn how to work through this without continually harassing him by repeatedly calling him.

Your emotional well being must be your number one priority right now. You're only causing yourself more heartbreak by calling a man who won't answer. You are essentially re-opening the wound and making yourself feel worse and worse each time you attempt to speak with him and he ignores you.

Take a week for yourself. Promise yourself that you won't call him during this time and you'll shift your entire focus to you. Make plans with friends you haven't seen in a time and be a little extravagant. Treat yourself to a spa day or a new outfit. Throughout this week stay focused on the fact that you're an amazing and desirable woman.

A remarkable thing will happen once you take this time for yourself. Not only will you find your inner strength but your ex boyfriend will notice that his phone isn't ringing nearly as much as it was. The fact that your calls will drop off completely will concern him. He'll wonder if you've really given up on him and if he has any feelings left for you at all, that won't sit well with him. He'll call you to see what's going on with you and then suddenly, the relationship ball is back in your court and you can then decide whether talking to him right then is really what you want.

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