Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Still Loves You - Do You Still Miss Your Ex?

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Published: 10th January 2011
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Breaking up with your boyfriend is difficult to do. The experience is divastating and a lot of you out there simple want to reunit with your ex boyfriend. However, don't think the relationship is over. A lot of relationship break up but as time goes on they seem to gradually reunit again. A lot of people are amazed how it happens. Some even believe that it happened by miracle. However, miracles don't exist in love. All the signs are there. Signs, you say? Yes, signs. There are a lot of indications that tells you if your ex boyfriend is still interested in you. If you're anxious to know the signs your ex boyfriend still loves you just keep reading.

The first sign given off by your ex boyfriend if he still loves you is when he still asks about you and talks about you. If the relationship had lasted for a while, he should definitely know some of your friends and you know some of his and occasionally you and him will come accross these friends. If he asks about your well being from these friends this is the first step into knowing that your ex boyfriend still loves you. If he ask about you constantly, then it's obvious he is still very much interested in you. Be careful though, some people are just want to see your reaction so they through it out there sometimes. But, if all of your friends are saying that he is asking about you, then it's sure your ex boyfriend still loves you.

In addition, you should know that if your ex boyfriend respond to you whenever you are trying to reach out to him, no matter how irrelevant the conversation may seem, there is still a connection between both of you. Both of you may need space however your ex boyfriend is saying that I don't want to cut you out of my life even though I need space . This connection may eventually lead to getting back together in the end.

If the breakup was caused by your ex boyfriend, then he'll definitely do all he can to win you back. He'll indicate from his deeds more than words however he will come through. He'll go the extra mile to let you know that he has changed and that he wants to live the rest of his life with you.

More signs your ex boyfriend still loves you is if the two of you meet up together even if it's just to say hi. The fact that the two of you don't have a completely awkward moment and can still be around each other is a good indication. It implies that comfort still exist between the two of you. In addition, the way you gaze at one another, the physical closeness and innocent flirtation can all be signs your ex boyfriend is still in love with you.

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